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What in DarNation


Dinner with LL. 

September 19, 2012. Wednesday. 

And pizza! 

Let the cooking fun begin again. 

August 24, 2012. 

Basil Tofu. 


June 14, 2012. Thursday. 

On the rare instances that I’m cooking: 

Being Asian w MM. 

A mishmosh of dumpling recipes. But delish. 

June 7, 2012. 

The last Buenos Aires pie. (For now.)

Coconut Cream Pie with Apricot and Lemon. 

December 16, 2011.  

Forgot to take a photo til half way through. Ah well. 

Thanksgiving Pies. 

Caramel Pumpkin Pie. 

November 24, 2011. 

Thanksgiving Pies. 


November 24, 2011. 

Brughel colored pie. 

Thanksgiving Birthday Eve Dinner. Apple.

August 3, 2011. 

Martin Bday Tarte.

July 23, 2011. Saturday. 

Despedida empanada de fruta. 

July 12, 2011. 

Lemon Pear Strawberry Galette. 

10 de Julio, 2011. 

Cena at Hernan y Milagros. 

Peach, Chocolate Pecan. 

July 8, 2011. James’ Asado. 

Sushitime with Franco. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011. 

Rainy day curry. 

Wednesday June 22, 2011. 

Spiced Apple Pie. 

House Dinner.

June 9, 2011.